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Our building's history....

The building was built in 1929, as Folkston grain and grocery. This business was one of several general stores that served the people of Folkston. A wide array of merchandise was stocked in the store, from grocery items, fresh meats, hardware, lumber and livestock feed. You could fill your weekly supply needs with one stop. Prior to World War II most of the population of Charlton County lived on farms outside of town. Families would load up in the horse or mule drawn wagons and come to town for supplies once a week. These were all day affairs lasting late into the night as people visited with friends and family. The shops stayed open late into the night to accommodate their customers. In the late 1960's, Shorty Mizell, Dixie's father, purchased the building. He opened shorty's farm supply and developed a very successful business. Dixie began acquiring her business skills helping her father in the business. Shortly after graduating from Folkston High School, Dixie stepped up and ran the business for a few months while Shorty recovered from a heart attack. The business never skipped a beat and Dixie ended up continuing to work with her father running the business until his passing in 1984. After Shorty's death Dixie and Jim purchased the building from her mother and continued to operate the farm supply until 1991. From 1991 through 2010, the building was rented and served as a small engine repair shop. In 2011, the building was sitting empty and in need of repair. Dixie had opened Whistlin' Dixie five years earlier and was renting a smaller building on the other side of the rail road tracks. Dixie was ready to expand and this building needed to be renovated so Dixie and Jim decided to invest in their own real estate by improving it and developed the building as you see it today.

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