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Okefenokee Swamp Fire and Tees

Charlton County got very lucky with the West Mims Okefenokee Swamp Fire that started by lightning in April. We are happy to say its out but of course there are hot spots still that will be there for most of this year. It burned a total of 152,515 acres, that includes some private timber land. Many different states had fire fighters here helping with the blaze that got extremely close to St. George Community at the South end of the county causing evacuations for almost a week.

Every time there is a major swamp fire, since crews from all over are called in of course they are going to want something to take home with them as a reminder of where they have been for so long. The Okefenokee Owl League had the t-shirts, shown above in the picture made. They were selling them where they had the station for all of the fire fighters but have now opened them up to everyone in the community or out of town that may want them. We are happy to say that we have them in Whistlin' Dixie now and we hope to sell every single one. The money is used to help fund activities or also things like this that happen in the swamp and community, so the more we sell the more you are helping out! We only have select sizes in kids and adults available since the fire fighters got the first pick but come in and pick some up or call and we can certainly mail them.

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